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mr.jeddyThe Administrative had of the Trust is Hon. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mohammad Salahuddin Jeddy.  He retired from the Pakistan Army after fighting for our motherland in 1965 and 1971. Subsequently he held various Senior management position. In 1998 he resigned from EFU Insurance Company & joined the Trust on Voluntary basis. He was made the CEO in 2001.




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Mr. Ather Nizami is the Chief Operating Officer. Besides his others duties he is incharge of collecting funds for the Trust







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Mr. Mirza Muhammad Atif Biag

is the General Manager he joined the Trust in 2002.

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Mr. Bilal Asghar

is the Assistant Accountant Officer.


Mr. Junaid Shakeel

is the Computer Incharge and looks after the computers of both the Trust and the Institute.

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Ms. Samina Rafiq

is the Senior Secretarial Assistant and looks after the office.


Ms. Rubab Yousaf

helps the Senior Secretarial Assistant in the discharge of her duties.