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Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind was the first to introduce modern methods of training and educating the blind with the use of latest products of Assistive Technology.

In the chronological order the Trust introduced equipment for Printing Braille, Screen Reading Programs and gradually Introduce various items of Assistive Technology for the first time in Pakistan to modernize the training and education of the blind and now this organization is considered the best in the country for the blind.

For the first time Screen Reading Programs like “Window Eyes” and “Jaws” were imported and used. Later on many other software programs and hardware items like Embossers, Thermoform, PIAF, Perkins Braillers, Mountbatten, were added.

Embossing Braille Books on “Index Everest Braille” has been used since 1996. In the area of Braille we were the first to introduce formal teaching of Braille and Transcribing Braille books.

Use of Thermoform, a Braille Duplicator is used for copying books and binding is done at the Trust. 

PIAF is used to emboss graphics



Braille ’n Print


Student using “Area”, Braille is converted into print.

“Rainbow” can read printed material to the students in our language lab.


“Mountbatten” a modern computerized
Brailler with a large memory.
The data can be retrieved on computer
and printed.

In the Recording Studio talking books are prepared for education and listening pleasure. We represent “DAISY International” in Pakistan.

Finally, for any information, advice, help or supply of items of Assistive Technology, this Trust has helped, supplied and most willingly assisted/and is helping organizations and visually impaired individuals which requires our services.