Kids Campus

A lower extension of the Institute is the Kids Campus Mainly to train toddlers under five and give counseling to their mothers who are always under stress especially when they have more than one Blind child. This will also provide Developmental Physiotherapy, medical aid, and a cafeteria for the staff.

Perkins Repair Center

In 2006, Mr. Jeddy our the CEO signed a contract with Howe press and obtained the permission to sell and repair Perkins Braillers in Pakistan. In 2007 three members of Trust team went to Katapadi Chennie India and were trained to repair these machines. Since then we are running this work shop and are repairing machines both for our own students but also from all over Pakistan. Trust also has the License to sell these machines and we have provided and trained to use whoever is interested. Mrs. Farhan Tariq is the Incharge of this workshop.

Brailler Transcription Center

Since 1989, the Trust has a workshop where all text books required by students and examination papers are transcribed in Braille.Mr. Shahid is trained in the Institute and is Incharge of this workshop.
This help has also been provided to some banks which desired to convert their forums in Braille. The Trust has also trained some persons from other organizations to transcribe the books into Braille.

Recording Studio

In 1986, the Embassy of Japan helped the Trust to establish a state of Art recording studio to make Talking Book Mr. Asim Masood Butt is Incharge of this studio.
In 2007 he went to Malaysia and was trained in DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System Technology).

White Cane Manufacturing

Students had been supplied with imported white canes, which are extremely expensive. In 2017 the trust started a workshop where White Canes are manufactured. Mr. Muhammad Sajid is In charge of this workshop.
Some tools for this important work were provided by Shanzeh Mehreen Haider an eleven year 6th grade student of George Town City School (Washington DC). She had started an organization “White Cane Pals)”

Plastic & Other Equipment

The Trust intends to start making other tools for the Blind i.e. frames slates etc. This work will start Soon.

Miss Salma Kishwar Jan Auditorium

The 4th Building of the Trust is under construction