Blessed are those who bring light into darkness


All members of the Faculty must have a M.A degree before joining  the  Institute  where  they  are  trained in English, Urdu, Mathematics Braille beside Orientation and Mobility.

Ms. Rizwana Kousar

MA philosophy M.Ed,
MA Special Education, and EPM
Academic Head

Ms. Nusrat Rafiq
MA Islamiat, PGD IT SDG | Computer Design

Mr. Naseem Khokhar
BA, B.Ed | Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs. Farhana Tariq
M.A Archology | Factory Trained in Braille Machine Repair

Ms. Ambreen Fatima
M.A Library Science

Mr. Mohammad Sajid
MA Mass Communication

Ms. Faiza Ather
MA Urdu

Ms. Fozia Naz
B.Ed, MA (Islamiyat) MA (Special Education)

Mr. Furrukh Milan
M.A (Political Science)

Ms. Ramza Aslam
MBA, M. Ed

Ms. Khadija Riasat
Master in Education, B.Ed for Special Need’s, M.Ed for visual Impairment

Ms. Saba Riaz
MA (Special Education)

Ms. Ayesha Khan
MA (Urdu) M.Ed (Special Education)

Ms. Kashaf Tanveer
M.Ed (Special Education)

Mr. Raja Ashraf
Band Master

Mr. Muhammad Shahid
Office Assistant

Teachers Training

All teachers are trained in English, Urdu, Mathematics Braille besides Orientation and Mobility.

Students Training

“We are not afraid of storms, because we are learning to sail our ship”

Students start learning Braille from day one. they move from sixer to frame and metal slate. In Class 5 they are issued Perkins Braillers to make their writing easy.

Computer Training start from class 4 when they familiar with keyboard. In class 5 they move to the computer room and use special software for the Blind

Mobility is Ability. Orientation and Mobility is another area which is highly emphasized. Its start from class one with trailing and later use of canes.

Daily Living skills are also taught.

Braille Library

The library has 3228 Braille Books, 979 catalogs, magazines and 218 large Print Books,  890 Talking Books. All this material is available to our Blind students. Mrs Ambreen Fatima is the inchrage of Library

There is a model room where they learn from life like models.


Students are encouraged to participate in games and sports.

Frequent excursions are arranged

During the summer students learn cooking, gardening, and do some science experiments

Special Subjects

Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind was the first to introduce modern methods of training and educating the blind with the use of latest products of Assistive Technology.

In the chronological order the Trust introduced equipment for Printing Braille, Screen Reading Programs and gradually Introduce various items of Assistive Technology for the first time in Pakistan to modernize the training and education of the blind and now this organization is considered the best in the country for the blind.

Braille ’n Print

“Rainbow” can read printed material to the students in our language lab.

Student using “Area”, Braille is converted into print.

“Mountbatten” a modern computerized Brailler with a large memory. The data can be retrieved on computer and printed.

Assistive Technology Techniques: The students are given opportunity to use special techniques and study subjects which are not taught on regular basis.


The students are encouraged to participate in various activities. Every year white cane safety day is observed with great fervor.


The Institute has an eighteen members Pipe band which has sixteen students and two teachers. Raja Ashraf has trained the band.

Tuition & Transport

There is no tuition fee. Students are Provided transport from residence to the Institute at a nominal charge.