Aziz Jehan Begum Trust and Institute is managed in a highly professional, cost-efficient, and diligent manner.

AJBT is structured in a way to provide oversight at all levels, assuring accountability and judicious use of donor funds for the maximum benefit of students and other beneficiaries of our Institute and programs.

AJBT is strongly committed to need-blind access to education and opportunities. No tuition fee is charged for AJBTI students. Transportation is provided from all parts of the city at minimal cost. Students are given the required special materials, equipment and supplies for education and life skills training.

All teachers are specially trained, proficient in braille and mobility, and receive constant refresher trainings. This makes our costs much higher than a regular school for sighted children.

looking to the future

Sustainability of the organization is a major end goal for the aziz jehan begum Trust and Institute.

we need ongoing support to achieve the following goals

Build Financial Reserves

Beyond covering annual operating costs, AJBT needs to creating adequate financial reserves, to mitigate annually increasing risks of disruption for students and school operations.

Retain and Grow Faculty Strength

Attracting, hiring, training, and retaining exceptional staff is a critical step for increasing the capacity of our facilities, and increasing our student body.

Overcome Fiscal Constraints

AJBT needs increased fundraising to overcome current global fiscal constraints created by the pandemic and rising operational costs.

Increase Student Intake

We need to increase access to education and opportunity for a larger number of visually impaired students.

Enhance the Campus

AJBTI needs campus enhancements including secure student and staff hostels, completion of the Student Auditorium, and more, to continue providing the highest quality education and life skills development for visually impaired children in Pakistan. Presently we cannot accommodate students requesting boarding from greater Punjab and rest of Pakistan, we have a continuous stream of requests for potential students from outside Lahore.



You can donate funds, skills, or time to make a big difference in the life of a visually impaired child