AJBI’s Kids Campus is fully equipped and highly specialized in training visually impaired children under 5 years to learn, play and socialize.

We give personal attention to each child. We counsel and guide parents on how to care for their child and provide emotional support to mothers. We have a Medical Aid center on campus to assist with minor ailments and injuries.

Our curriculum for our young learners includes:

  • Early Braille education – counting, alphabet, early mathematics.
  • Touch and feel recognition of objects using toys, stuffed animals, and everyday items.
  • Life Skills – safety, posture correction, ascending and descending stairs, play and games.
  • Development Physiotherapy.
  • Enhancing motor skills.
  • Posture correction.
  • Overcoming hesitation and fear.


You can donate funds, skills, or time to make a big difference in the life of a visually impaired child