Join us to light up the lives of those who can’t see

If you are a compassionate and patient individual who wants to create meaningful change and is eager to learn new skills then Aziz Jehan Begum Trust and Institute are the places for you.

Our core values articulate who we are, how we work and what we care about. They are the guiding principles of what we bring to our community every day. Most importantly they help us serve with empathy and dedication to create “a world of no limits” for the
special individuals in our care.

EXCELLENCE: We recognize our role in transforming lives of those with visual impairment and believe that we must provide them the best learning and academic opportunities possible.

TEAMWORK: It takes a village of support our special community. Our staff and students are a team. We support and inspire one another with respect and kindness.

PERSEVERANCE: Continuous commitment and dedication are critical to our success. We work every day to break barriers with courage and resilience.

INDIVIDUALITY: Lack of sight is not lack of ability. Our community is unique. We embrace that uniqueness and difference as opportunity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We know that we must deliver on the promise of tomorrow. We are careful custodians of our students and our resources.

We believe in equal opportunity. Our students are as young as 5 years old. We learn about their fears and aspirations. Their success is our success.

As part of a team of professionals who take a holistic approach to nurturing their students and those who are visually impaired, we don’t just create academic achievements we create successful empowered citizens who thrive independently. From the first blind CSS officer, professors, the police force and even a Punjab High Court Judge our Alumni are testaments to our commitment.

Whether you are a teacher who is ready to embrace learning English, Urdu and Mathematics in Braille or an administrative professional who is looking to make a difference, our warm and friendly environment and competent staff will assist you to learn new skills and bring in new ideas.

AJBT and AJBTI are a community that dreams big and innovates fearlessly. If this excites you explore the opportunities to join us.


You can donate funds, skills, or time to make a big difference in the life of a visually impaired child