Summer Training Camps (Summer School)

Our students require life skills training which adds specialized classes to teach them how to live independently. To accommodate this we need to keep school open during the summer to ensure that there is completion of the academic curriculum as well as this special training. During this time, we also arrange special classes for students who may require additional academic assistance.

Every Saturday educational and recreational trips are arranged. Students visit places like Science Museum, Army Museum, Changa Manga, Lahore Museum, Sozo Park and also factories.

On Fridays they have cooking , grooming and art classes.

Adult Education

These classes are open to sighted and visually impaired adults to train them in Braille, Mobility, and Computer usage. Details of adult education classes will be posted on our website and our campus as and when scheduled.

Teachers Training

All our teachers hold a Master’s degree. They are provided an extensive 3-month training so that they can teach subjects like Urdu, English, and Mathematics in Braille format. They also learn orientation and mobility skills and use of white canes. All new teachers must complete the full training.

To be qualified to teach students, every teacher must pass his/her examinations in Braille in all of the subjects with at least 85% marks.

We are constantly seeking opportunities for teachers to receive additional training both domestically and abroad and greatly appreciate collaboration and financial support for these endeavors.


You can donate funds, skills, or time to make a big difference in the life of a visually impaired child