Braille is the written language in which visually impaired people read and write.

AJBT’s Innovation Lab started its journey of helping our visually impaired peers with learning assisted with Braille writing machines. Using Braille machines, the students can read and write from any text in the world, that has been converted to Braille.

AJBT provides Perkins Brailler access to all students from Grade 5, to perform their written assignments.

We are licensed to import and sell Perkins Braillers all across Pakistan

We operate a full-service Perkins Brailler Sale & Repair Center that all users of Perkins Braillers can access

Perkins Braille Writers – A Global Standard

Perkins has set the standard for Braille writing since it invented the Perkins Brailler in 1951.
The Perkins Brailler is the most widely used mechanical Braille writer in the world.
Braille produced by the Perkins Brailler conforms to the American National Library Service for the Blind Size and Spacing Standards.
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You can donate funds, skills, or time to make a big difference in the life of a visually impaired child